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What We Provide In Our Course

The first thing you will receive when you join the subscription is the getting started video course. I personally created a comprehensive course for you to get started with so you will gain a better understanding as to what we do here at Profit Rolling Strategies. The course gives you the knowledge on our trading strategy and more information about trading. Join our FREE course to gain inside access and see what a subscriber will get. In the free course I walk you through a video showing you all the components of Profit Rolling Strategies.

Getting Started Course

Our Personal Watch List

We send out a watch list with the up and coming best trades that fit our strategy. In our watch list we will be showing stocks we are looking to trade a covered call or cash secured put on. If you do not know the meaning of those words its ok because we go over it in the course and briefly touch on it in the free course so feel free to look into it first for free.

See all my current trades I am in. You will be able to see my crypto, long term, call and put trades. Every time I enter a trade you will have full access to seeing how I placed my trade. I  make video updates as well with trades to show you how I took the trade and so you can see how I place an order. Every trade I take will be able to be obtained by any one who becomes a Portfolio Review member.

Portfolio Insider

Every trade I take is sent out in an email for all subscribers. You get a live look at my trades  while the market is still live trading. This is important because all my subscribes will gain a live look in the action of the stock market. 

Email Our Live Trades

Gain Important information on the stock market and cryptocurrency with our News Letter. We update you on the trades we have taken and the markets we are investing in. We use the news letter as a place to keep you updated on any positions new or other positions we are rolling. We also use it to inform you about new long term potential plays, as well as cryptocurrency we are looking to get into. I send out a report once a month but you can find video updates almost weekly on new trades I have taken as well as more information about the markets we are in. You can find the news letters and video updates in the video archive section of the course. To gain a free look at a news letter join the FREE subscription and you can view it there or at our more info page.

News Letter

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